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• Ventilation system cleaning and maintenance

• Air purification

Straum Air Limited, Air Purification Experts in Montreal

Air Cleanliness and Safety

In business for over 35 years, Straum Air Limited specializes in the cleaning and maintenance of ventilation ducts. Our mission is to provide healthier and safer environments for our clients, located throughout the metropolitan region of Montreal, thanks to our expertise in air purification. Don’t hesitate to ask for an estimate!


Punctuality and Efficiency

We are available round the clock, seven days a week, to deal with commercial, residential or industrial premises. We guarantee you fast, affordable work and professional quality.


Respecting Standards

We meet the requirements of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 86) standard, which aims to reduce the risk of fire and explosion in ovens and stoves in commercial and industrial environments. This standard certifies the safety of the design, operation, inspection, maintenance and testing of various types of ovens, furnaces, dryers, thermal oxidizers and other heating appliances.

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